App Development

Apps are created for two main platforms at Déviertech, iOS and Android.

For each platform we ask ourselves specific questions with the client in mind to achieve the desired product with the right look.

Questions to consider

  1. What type of app (iOS or Android)
  2. Do people have to login? (Email, social, no)
  3. Do people create personal profiles? (Yes, No)
  4. How will you make money from the app? (Upfront cost, in-app purchases, free)
  5. Do people rate or review things? (No, Yes) this has impact on budget
  6. Does your app need to connect with a website? (Yes, No). This means you'll make an API , this is how your friendly apps will talk to each other.
  7. How nice will your app look? (Barebones, Stock, Beautiful). Custom gestures, Custom Buttons and Custom transitions will cost you.
  8. Do you need an app icon? (Yes, No)



Along with these questions we are equipped with the appropriate environment for each platform.

The iOS platform powers apps built for iPhone and iPad. To develop an app for iPhone or iPad, we will use the Objective-C coding language and an IDE (integrated development environment) called Xcode.

The android platform is more flexible and builds apps for any device running the android software ( Lollipop, Nougat etc.). We will be using the Android Studio SDK and the Java programming language.