Originating from the heart of Kingston, Jamaica is a technological company that aims to always expand and evolve. Discovered in 2016, Dévier Technologies aims to provide professional tech services to clients far and wide. These tech services include: Web Development, Application Development, Graphic Design and Media Production.

You can find more details about our services here.

Here at Dévier Technologies, we produce the best. Embedding true Class, Elegance and style with our work, we promise to always go beyond our customers’ wants and needs. We can ensure that your business will have a strong online presence not only with branding but also with virtual representation.

Our main team is made up of five unique individuals, where each individual is skilled in more than one area. In other words we are sharp, efficient and versatile, pin-pointing your solutions into one ecliptic package. Our team intends to make this company the leader in providing the best tech solutions to ensure that your company will stand out.

lets.start = newBeginnings(o);

#o – output
var s = ‘Success’;

while (o == s) {
return s;


Which means let’s start new beginnings where the output is always success.